Loïs L. / SnoW

I'm 23 and deeply immersed in the world of IT, where my work meets my passion. When I'm not coding, you'll find me crushing it in competitive video games! 🎮🚀

CTO @ Allfeat.

IT / Developer Stack

I'm a developer with a strong focus on back-end development, though I also have a solid foundation in front-end technologies. My current passion project involves working on blockchain development using Rust and the Substrate framework.

🛠️ My expertise lies primarily in Rust and C#, along with the .NET framework. Beyond that, I dabble in the world of Linux and SysAdmin tasks, and I have a knack for networking. I'm no stranger to Docker 🐳, among other technologies.

As a hobby, I love self-hosting servers 🖥️, and I'm always tinkering with various tech stacks. Join me on my journey as I explore the fascinating world of software development and system administration. 🌟